Companies house a wealth of information today in order to service their employees, management, customers and their clients. The information that they house can be on one network or numerous networks located all around the country and abroad. The information that many of these company’s store is sensitive because they store personal data, credit card data, financial data, and even data about a patient’s health. Therefore, when anyone hacks into these systems, the results from these intrusions can be very disruptive and costly to any business. With this in mind, companies are working on a diversity of innovations to secure networks in many different ways. So, for those of you who are interested in some of the latest developments, here’s 2 of the latest innovations that you may want to consider if you do not want your networks unnecessarily exposed to hackers or intruders who want to place a company in a negative light.


As previously stated, there are a number of innovations being developed to ensure the data in a company is protected today. One of the latest involves the use of Seclore. Seclore is ideal for those who want to take their security to another level in controlling data access functionality. For instance, Seclore has been designed to give an organization the capability to control when and how data can be accessed externally. Since protecting files outside of the firewall is a challenge, this innovation goes the extra mile and is very impressive in solving a variety of different problems and concerns. For example, a company can control how long a document is in the hands of a representative on the outside of their company, This is a great benefit for audits and other things that cannot be done in-house by the company’s employees and representatives.


TaaSERA is another excellent network security tool that considers all angles to protect a company’s network. With this network security solution, IT management and their representatives can feel more secure in knowing that the tool is proactive in analyzing communication patterns of malware. Therefore, instead of the software waiting for an attack to occur and then performing damage control, it is very proactive in its design. Because this software product is based on zero minute detection, it can ward off problems even before these intrusions can cause even a minor disruption. Therefore, it looks traces and signs of new malware problem to seek out and detect them. Its primary functionality is to not only block a known virus when it is identified but also to correlate a series of inbound exploits and other scenarios to identify specific problems as quickly as possible.

Network security is an essential part of any company’s systems. The type of security used can make a major difference in eliminating unnecessary operational and financial problems. Therefore, for companies that want to use the latest and the most effective, they should consider both Seclore and TaaSera as viable options for protecting their systems.