Networking is a vital service for all organizations. Communication between employees is much required for the productivity of the organization. The cabling connection being the main used in an organization has proved to be expensive hence organizations opt for better ways to enhance communication within the organization and cost effectively. In many cases, the organization may not be able to shift automatically from cabled to wireless that’s why they end up outsourcing the service to ensure continued productivity and profitability of the organization as they adapt managed wireless networking system.

Advantages that accrue to an organization for using managed wireless

l Quick response to consumers, this is enhanced by the ease of access to information hence consumers are attended to in time and this in turn also enhances productivity and good reputation of the organization.

2 Easy network expansion; employees increase ever now and then, cables no longer have to be set up to connect the employee to the network, the work is eased by the use of the wireless network

3 Guest access is enhanced in as far as they are on the premises or nearby, hence the organization gets to communicate and get feedback from their consumers.

4 Roaming with ease without losing access; in as far as one is in the premise they can roam all over without cables trailing behind them or loosing access to the internet or network to which they are connected.

5 It enhances productivity and team work of employees; it’s easy to access information at ago hence work on it as a team or consult each other as data transfer is quit fast.